Home Gardening In Sri Lanka


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home gardening in sri lanka
The wife and I took a job that pays $ 4,000 USD / month in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Is it enough to live high quality?

My wife and I currently live comfortably in a cozy apartment in New York. Work in Colombo would be a great asset to my career but if $ 4000 per month is not enough to live a comfortable life, I will not submit to the disposal of my wife. The two lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a year with a similar salary, and there were many, but we have never state in Sri Lanka. My hypothesis is that cost Colombo Life in Chiang Mai, but will have fewer services. We can live with fewer amenities, but if you can not style house (In the Cinnamon Gardens w / driver) then we will stay at home. I do not know how the prices of commodities are influenced by recent events.

First, I do not live in Sri Lanka, I live in India and I think I have an idea of life in these parts of the world. If you make enough money in India, you will be able lifestyle.Housing live a very affordable luxury, you can rent a house if you do not want to buy one.You officials can do dishes, laundry and other items that will not cost you more than $ 70 month.You can hire a driver very easily, you may have to pay $ 150 for months most.Its not dangerous, I guess I'll be living in a city-I there.You pretty sure it could face problems with language, though.And is something else, if you happen to be white, people look at you a lot, which can be very annoying.

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